It is the responsibility of each team to get themselves and their gear to Interlaken.

There are several large airports within a couple of hours of Interlaken.

The public train system is extremely good in Switzerland and it will bring you right into the center of Interlaken. If you arrive in Interlaken by train, a pick-up will be arranged for you from the station Interlaken West.

Driving to Interlaken is also both simple and fast and the roads are good and generally very safe.

To get more information on how to easiest get to Interlaken, please see tips from Interlaken Tourism travel site.


If you are taking the train, make sure that you have read the info from the train company regarding bikes, see also (info available in English!). For example don’t plan to take a train during rush hour, they will be full and you might not be allowed to bring the bike on that train.
Everyone that arrives by train will get picked up from the train station Interlaken EAST (in 2011 it was west but in 2012 it is EAST).

The APEX Team welcomes you to an unforgettable adventure in the most extraordinary and friendly environment!