EQUIPMENT Mandatory team first aid kit, (must be carried at all times)
1 Elastic bandage, minimum 2 meter x 5 cm
1 Non-elastic bandage of 5 meter long for 10 cm wide
4 Sterile gauzes pads (wound pads), minimum 10 cm x 10 cm
1 Adhesive tape, minimum 2 meters x 5 cm

Mandatory team equipment (must be carried at all times)
1 Tracker – Supplied by the organization
1 Waterproof case for tracker
1 Cell phone, in waterproof casing
1 Waterproof map case, for maps and road book
Tent or bivy sack to fit 4 people, (floor must be attached! and must be completely sealable with zipper!). One or several.
1 Compass
1 Altimeter
1 Whistle
1 Waterproof pen
1 Strobe (rescue) light, minimum 3km visibility

Mandatory personal equipment (must be carried at all times)
1 Survival blanket, minimum 220cm x 140cm
1 Head lamp
1 Waterproof jacket (Gore-Tex type recommended)
1 Waterproof pants (Gore-Tex type recommended)
1 Backpack, (40 liter recommended)
1 Drybag, big enough to keep all gear dry, (also during paddling/rafting sections)
1 Long sleeve fleece shirt
1 pair of full-finger gloves
1 Hat or beanie/buff
Food for 10 hours ahead

Mandatory personal mountainbike equipment
1 Mountain bike
1 Bike helmet
1 Front light (head lamp accepted)
1 Red light (facing backwards)
1 Spare tube

Mandatory personal rope-works equipment
1 Via ferrata set with shock absorption
1 Climbing harness, CE or UIAA approved
1 Factory sewn sling, 60cm length (not circumference)
3 Locking carabiners, CE or UIAA approved
1 Descender/ rappel device, tube, ATC or figure eight
1 Shunt or prussic loop (6 or 7mm and 30cm length (not circumference).
1 Climbing helmet, CE or UIAA approved
1 Pair of long fingered gloves.
If needed, there will be a possibility to rent climbing equipment

Mandatory personal paddling equipment
1 Life jacket (PFD) Type III, minimum buoyancy 7kg (155 lb) Inflatable is not accepted
1 Whistle, attached to life jacket
1 Helmet, (bike helmet is accepted)
1 kayak paddle Mandatory team paddling equipment
2 (small) white “all round lights” (Rundumlicht in german), one for each boat. Must be attached so that it is visible 360 degrees! (, ( (attached to top-strap of headlamp))

Mandatory team equipment (supplied by the organization)
1 tracking device
1 set of maps and official road book
4 Bib-vests, must be worn at all times
4 Number plates for the bike
2 Sit-on-top kayaks
All necessary gear for the rafting

Depending on the course conditions, the following equipment might be added to the mandatory gear list:
Snowshoes, (there will be a possibility to rent)
Boots, suitable for crampons
Crampons (there will be a possibility to rent)

Recommended gear:
Always carry one complete set of dry clothes
Back-up compass
Paracetamol, ibuprofen
Wound closure strips
Duct tape
Sun screen
Blister plasters
Mountainbike repair kit

If necessary, further mandatory equipment can be added to the list at a later time.

The APEX Team welcomes you to an unforgettable adventure in the most extraordinary and friendly environment!