Course info


The race will start in the morning on Wednesday June 6th at a secret location close to Interlaken.
Teams will race the first part of the race around in and around the starting area before they head off to further explore the Swiss alpine terrains.
The continuation of the course is designed as a natural loop where teams will make their way through both picturesque summer-green valleys and snow-covered peaks before they eventually finish back in Interlaken.

See pictures from the course in 2011 here.

During the race, the organization will stage team equipment at designated transition areas.
There will be no optional checkpoints and no bonus checkpoints but the race course will include some important cut-offs times where slower teams will be re-routed to ensure they can reach the finish line by Sunday 10th.
The course will contain some demanding travel, possibly on snow, up to 3000 meters altitude (weather permitting) and teams must be prepared for the possibility of cold alpine weather.

This will be traditional adventure racing at its best!

Please note: The safety of the teams will always be our main concern during the race.
The weather in high alpine regions are always very hard to predict and can change very rapidly, especially during early summer. Water levels will also be closely monitored during the race, as they are crucial for some of the water activities.
All these factors can, and probably will, affect the race in some way and teams need be prepared for changes in the course due to safety reasons.

The APEX Team welcomes you to an unforgettable adventure in the most extraordinary and friendly environment!