Some tips from last year’s Champions

Some tips from last year’s Champions

We are starting our series of adventure racing tips and best practices in order to help teams prepare in the best possible way possible for the APEX race in 2012.

Now kicking off with some questions for Björn Rydvall, member of team Silva who won the race in 2011 and finished second at the World Championships in Tasmania. Team Silva are also coming back to defend their title in Switzerland later this year!

What would be your best recommendations for teams preparing for the APEX Race?
The region around Interlaken is very beautiful and very hilly! Make sure your legs are ready for all ascent and descent. Especially running downhill can make you suffer if you are not prepared. If you live in a flat area (as I do), practice with a heavy backpack if you can’t find a big hill.

You are undoubtedly regarded as one of the best navigators on the AR-circuit, what tips can you give regarding navigating in the Alps?
My best advice is to find a team-mate who is a superb navigator who can help you… Next advice is to practice reading contours. The hills seldom change, but tracks come and go. Make sure to bring a good compass to find direction in the dark or in the mist and a strong headlight to give best possible visibility.

What do you think it is that makes your team so successful?
Luck and experience… We have done many mistakes over the years. Today, we try to avoid repeating old mistakes and to avoid making new ones. Probably also, some 10-15 years of regular training is paying back.

Could you (in brief) say something about your personal training philosophy?
My training is very varied and is depending on season and the amount of time (work…), but in general I focus on the disciplines where my team would gain the most of my improvement. Training for a race such as APEX is normally focused on longdistance (2-4 h) offroad running with a pretty heavy backpack. In wintertime, most of my running is done on snowmobile tracks. Most training during wintertime is on crosscountry-skis though. Racing crosscountry ski marathon and mountain marathon is my best training for adventure racing.

AR is very much a team sport, could you tell us something about how team Silva works together during AR-races?
It is pretty simple really. We all try to help each other as much as possible to make our progress as fast as possible. If you are feeling weak, ask for help. If you are feeling strong, make sure to help your teammates!

Our sincere thanks to Björn for taking time for us!

Stay tuned for more APEX tips…

The APEX Team welcomes you to an unforgettable adventure in the most extraordinary and friendly environment!